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Umami allows you to reduce salt levels while enhancing food's flavour. Umami is referred to as the '5th taste' that deepens and completes our taste experience. Our team is very experienced in applying umami taste enhancers in various applications. Check out here, what we can do for you.


Bread has been a core dietary staple for years and recipes change all the time.  Breads from around the world appear on our shelves. New and old grains are used, even vegetables are added to give bread colours and flavours.  Since we eat that much bread, the salt component is a large part of our daily intake. Using our enhancer it's possible to reduce the salt levels by up to 50% without compromising the baking properties of the bread.


You can maximise the umami taste in meat using only natural ingredients. The combination of the umami components glutamate, inosinate and guanylate create an umami synergy. This synergy intensifies flavour components up 7-8 times. These components are naturally available in our taste enhancer.  Inosinate also occurs in meat which is why umami complements and enriches the flavour perfectly.  


Given the trends towards salt and sugar reduction, clean labelling and full flavouring, it makes sense to explore & utilise natural condiments.  Creating depth, richness, fullness and balance in taste is often challenging and brings additional cost.  Discover our experience enhancing cooking sauces as well as herb & spice blends.


From creamy to clear, sweet or savoury to specific flavours like tomato, mushroom, chicken or even pumpkin.  Check out what our natural flavouring and taste enhancement ingredients can do for you.


Worldwide people indulge themselves by eating cold snacks like potato chips, biscuits and coated nuts. The seasoning and texture of these products is key to the taste and pleasurable 'mouth feel'. Clean label products and salt/sugar reduction are becoming more important health topics in the 'snacks' category.


Ready meals should pack flavour and have an instantly recognisable taste profile, one that's strong enough to withstand in-store chill cabinets and home fridges. Flavours can deteriorate over time but our natural umami taste enhancer can help you to add depth and richness to a dish, improving the taste even with a long shelf life.  All of which helps you to deliver an even more delicious experience to your consumer.  Here's how.


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