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Umami allows you to reduce salt levels while enhancing food's flavour. Umami is referred to as the '5th taste' that deepens and completes our taste experience. Our team is very experienced in applying umami taste enhancers in various applications.

Check out here, what we can do for you per application type or topic!


The bakery category includes products such as bars, breads, buns, cookies, cakes, pizza dough and tortillas. Salt and sugar reduction have been important trends in this category in recent years. With the help of our natural taste enhancers, it is possible to reduce the salt and sugar content, while keeping the baking properties.


Glutamate is one of the components of umami and is found in a wide variety of foods, including meat. Scelta’s natural taste enhancers (based on mushroom) have a high umami content due to the natural combination of all three umami compounds: Glutamate, Inosinate and Guanylate. Therefore, our taste enhancers are a perfect natural solution to boost the typical savoury taste in meat.


The consumption of plant-based products is increasing, partly due to the growing number of vegetarian applications on the market. One of the biggest challenges with plant- based products is to create a full, umami, meaty-like taste and mask the typical, bitter off-taste of plant- based proteins. Our natural umami taste enhancers make it possible to improve and enhance the overall flavour profile and mask the typical, undesired off-taste.


From creamy to clear, sweet or savoury to specific flavours like mushroom, chicken, onion, pumpkin or sweet potato. See what our natural flavourings and taste enhancers can do for your soups sauces.


Stocks, also called broth or bouillon, are made from animal bones, meat, seafood or vegetables that have been cooked in water, often with the addition of various spices, herbs, salt and aromatics for more flavour. They form the basis of many dishes such as soups, stews and sauces. The addition of our natural umami products achieves the desired flavour-enhancing effect: the stocks become fuller and rounder in flavour and the taste lingers for a long time.


Get the best out of your veggies with our natural taste accelerator.  Improve the natural sweetness of vegetable mixes with the addition of our natural umami.  Making for example carrots, pumpkin, corn or peas more sweet.


Given the trends towards salt and sugar reduction, clean labelling and full flavouring, it makes sense to explore & utilise natural condiments. Creating depth, richness, fullness and balance in taste is often a challenge and comes at an additional cost.  Discover our experience of enhancing cooking sauces with natural umami.


Just thinking about cheese can make your mouth water… Cheese also has a high umami content. Knowing this, it makes sense that our natural umami taste enhancers are a perfect solution to increase the savoury, cheesy and salty taste profile of different types of cheeses and cheese applications.


Cold salty snacks such as potato chips (crisps), biscuits, crackers and nuts are often very savoury and salty. The seasoning and texture of these products determine their taste and pleasurable mouthfeel. Find out how our natural umami can be used as a natural taste enhancer and salt reduction tool.


Ready-meals should taste good and have an instantly recognisable taste profile, strong enough to withstand the cold of the shop and the fridge at home. Flavours can degrade over time, but our natural umami taste enhancer can help you to add depth and richness to a dish, improving the taste even with a long shelf life.  All of which helps you to deliver an even more delicious experience to your consumer.


Spices are parts of plants that contain a larger amount of flavouring than most other ingredients used in cooking. While herbs always come from leaf parts, spices usually come from seeds, fruits, roots, stems, flowers or bark. With the addition of our natural taste enhancers, it is possible to intensify a wide variety of spices and herbs.