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We love thinking about how to maximise - and minimise - for the best outcome for people and the planet. That is, why we leave the knowledge about growing mushrooms up to those people, who have done this already for a long time. And they are located near to Venlo, where the home base of Scelta Inside is. Short ways and a sustainable product - what could possibly make it even better?

Did you know, that a large part of each mushroom could be potentially thrown away? That's a terrible waste of mushroom stems. Instead, we welcome trucks filled with mushroom stems at our factory in Belfeld in Limburg. Here they extract incredibly intense flavourings from these mushrooms. This results in mushroom concentrate, 100% natural.


Yields are so high two flights are sufficient which leads to shorter cycles without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

High Quality Indoor-Composting

Production of our all-important compost is concentrated within a few high capacity, high quality and high yield producers - better growers = better compost = better crops = higher yields.

Mechanical Harvest

Our growers have generations of experience cultivating mushrooms and utilize specialist equipment so expensive labour costs are reduced. We are working with the freshest, tastiest mushrooms, grown with the utmost respect for our environment.

Food Safety / traceability

Our logistic lines are short, therefore we can guarantee 100% traceability and food safety all of which are certified to the highest levels of quality assurance.

Year-round production and supply

Quality control of all our mushrooms is carried out to International Food Standard (IFS) which ensures that our products meet the highest standards in the food industry.

We are all about creating great healthy taste.