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Mushrooms contain many different nutrients that are valuable to people's lifestyle and diet.
Our sister company,  Scelta Mushrooms has known this for many years. The Scelta businesses produce a wide range of mushroom centered products for the global food industry.

In over 26 years, Scelta Mushrooms is doing business in more than 75 countries worldwide. 

Klerken family sitting in the garden, enjoying time with each other
The team of Scelta Mushrooms sitting and standing in a green park in the summer


Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to reduce the steps between growing food and eating it. That’s why Scelta Mushrooms invented the food for a new generation philosophy. Always searching for new products, more sustainable production methods and opportunities to make existing products even tastier and healthier. One result is creation of the Scelta Institute in 2008. A place, where the possibilities of mushrooms would be looked at far beyond cultivation and consumption. A place that brings sales, marketing and R&D together.  Since 2008, the Scelta Institute has been home to significant ‘winnovations’, like the Ecopouch® mushrooms. 

You would like to know, how a family owned company can get so far?