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At Scelta Inside we continuously work together with our customers to create the most beautiful applications with our ingredients. We have experienced excellent results in multiple product categories around the world. Discover our possibilities in different applications below.


Scelta Taste Accelerator (STA) uses umami to increase taste   and reduce the levels of sodium in processed foods.  As the fifth basic taste, umami gives food a deeper, richer taste in a similar way to salt and works with other basic tastes. Umami taste compounds can also improve the palatability and add to the perceived saltiness of foods. 


Create an intense mushroom flavour for your mushroom soups, sauces and recipes. Our Scelta mushroom concentrate and mushroom extract powder amplifies the natural mushroom taste in all your product applications. The combination of natural mushroom flavour with naturally occurring umami gives depth and enriches the taste. It creates that distinctive, full flavour everyone loves.


It's a little known fact that 75% of the world’s population has a vitamin D deficiency. 15 minutes of sunshine per day should be enough to make up for this shortfall.  But many factors can influence this, the availability of sunlight, latitude, time of the year, time of the day, clothing, skin colour and age.  


Scelta unravelled the DNA of the white button mushroom and discovered that this mushroom was packed with interesting nutrients that are valuable to people’s lifestyle and diet.

We took this as a base for future product development. It all started with translating the amino acid glutamate and the RNA 5′-nucleotides: inosinate and guanylate, into our umami product.  The result? An innovative, highly healthy taste enhancer.


Umami allows you to reduce salt levels while enhancing food's flavour. Umami is referred to as the '5th taste' that deepens and completes our taste experience. Our team is very experienced in applying umami taste enhancers in various applications. Check out, what we can do for you.


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