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Scelta Taste Accelerator (STA) uses umami to increase taste and reduce the levels of sodium in processed foods. As the fifth basic taste, umami gives food a deeper, richer taste in a similar way to salt and works with other basic tastes. Umami taste compounds can also improve the palatability and add to the perceived saltiness of foods. 

It makes our line of umami-rich mushroom extracts a powerful, natural alternative to artificial taste  enhancers such as MSG/I+G/AYE and a perfect way of reducing sodium content.  Sodium reductions of up to 50% have been achieved, without compromising taste, functionality and without adding potassium. The product can be declared as a natural aroma and can be used in many different savoury solutions.  Please feel free to get in-touch for starter tips and advice.

With the help of our Scelta Taste Accelerator®, salt in processed foods can be reduced up to 50% * while keeping full flavour and maintaining functionality.

* Depends on the individual recipe and product category



We're focused on creating a great healthy flavours.

Scelta Taste Accelerator is a natural flavour enhancer and salt reduction tool that meets the demand of natural and clean label ingredients.

Our unique range of products can express, enhance and balance the overall flavour profile of your products.

  • Reduce salt between 25% -50%
  • Replace MSG/AYE/I+G
  • Mask bitter / metallic tastes from KCl
  • Reduce cocoa
  • Reduce salt without compromising baking performance
Scelta Inside Scelta Taste Accelerator powder in a bowl


Scelta Inside Scelta taste accelerator liquid in a bowl


Scelta Taste Accelerator CC for topical applications and bread


Within the Scelta Taste Accelerator (STA) range we have the liquid (STA Liquid) and powder (STA Powder) variant. Which can be used as a general taste flavour enhancer, MSG replacement and sodium reduction tool in all types of savoury products. These range from sauces and soups to ready-meals. In general, an addition of just 0.15% to 0.30% is sufficient to create a 'replacement salt' effect. It's possible to reduce sodium by up to 50%.

Scelta Inside can develop bespoke solutions to specific challenges, replacing salt functionality in certain food applications. The specially developed Scelta Taste Accelerator CC, enhances taste and flavour profiles especially when reducing salt. CC stand for Calcium chloride (CaCL2) which has similar effects to salt without the negatives of Sodium / Natrium use. Typical applications are: bread, meat, chips, nuts and savoury biscuits.


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