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Our Scelta Taste Accelerator (STA) has been developed to modify or increase the intensity of the perceived taste in your application with no taste of its own. The basis is formed by mushrooms rich in glutamate and the ribonucleotides: inosinate and guanylate. Combined, these give an umami synergy and function as a strong natural taste enhancer.


Perfect for boosting the overall flavour profile of your application and giving it that typical long-lasting, round, full-bodied taste. 



We focus on creating delicious healthy taste.

Scelta Taste Accelerator is a natural flavour enhancer and salt reducer that meets the demand for natural and clean label ingredients.

Our unique range of products can express, enhance and balance the overall flavour profile of your products.

  • deepens, enriches and provides long-lasting taste
  • masks bitter / metallic tastes
  • perfect way of reducing sodium content
  • natural alternative to msg/i + g/hvp
  • clear & clean label: natural umami flavour
Scelta Inside Scelta Taste Accelerator powder in a bowl


Scelta Taste Accelerator CC for topical applications and bread




The Scelta Taste Accelerator (STA) can be used as a general flavour enhancer, MSG substitute and sodium reducer in all kinds of savoury products. These range from sauces and soups to ready meals. Generally, an addition of only 0.15% to 0.30% is sufficient to create a 'salt substitute' effect. It is possible to reduce the sodium content by up to 50%.

Scelta Inside can develop customised solutions for specific challenges like replacing the salt functionality in certain food applications. Our Scelta Taste Accelerator CC is developed to improve taste and flavour profiles, especially when reducing salt. CC stands for Calcium Chloride (CaCL2), which has the same effects as salt without the disadvantages of sodium. Typical applications are: bread, meat, chips, nuts and savoury biscuits.

Our new variant, Scelta Taste Accelerator dried concentrate (STA DC) is dried without carrier. With a special drying method, we concentrate our mushroom concentrate into a powder. Because of this concentration, you only need half the dosage of a normal STA, resulting in a double umami strength. Perfect for seasonings and meat(less) applications and more!

Interested in our factsheet? Download our STA dried concentrate factsheet now!


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