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Create an intense mushroom flavour for your mushroom soups, sauces and recipes. Our Scelta Mushroom Flavours concentrate and mushroom extract powder amplifies the natural mushroom taste in all your product applications. The combination of natural mushroom flavour with naturally occurring umami gives depth and enriches the taste. It creates that distinctive, full flavour everyone loves.

The mushroom stems are 100% natural flavour enhancers for our concentrates and powders. It’s how we bring out the umami.  Available in liquid form or spray-dried into powder form. 

  • Natural, concentrated mushroom taste
  • No added flavours or flavour enhancers
  • Completely soluble mushroom base for wet (concentrate) and dry (powder) mushroom soups, sauces, dishes, bouillons, ready meals etc.
  • Adds a typical, well-balanced mushroom flavour and aroma to every dish
  • Spray drying the concentrate onto a non-GMO, maize-based maltodextrin makes a powder concentrate
Scelta Inside Scelta Taste Accelerator powder in a bowl


Scelta Inside Scelta taste accelerator liquid in a bowl



It takes 25 kg of fresh mushrooms (and seven hours!)
to make just 1kg of concentrate.