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Did you know that a large part of every cultivated mushroom is thrown away? That is a waste of these delicious mushrooms!
Instead of wasting them, we let trucks full of mushroom stems travel to Belfeld, the home of the Scelta Umami factory. Here, flavourings are extracted from the remaining mushroom pieces and processed into mushroom concentrate, a completely natural product. It comes in two forms: liquid and powdered. A powdered concentrate is obtained by spray drying, while a liquid concentrate is thickened into various thicknesses for different applications. Perfect for enhancing the taste of many applications in a natural way!


At this facility we produce mushroom based flavouring products!

Sustainability objectives

We care about the earth and about the people that walk it. For the Scelta Umami factory, co-owned by Diana Food (a subsidiary of Symrise AG), we’ve set objectives in terms of our footprint.


We minimize our environmental footprint along the entire value chain:

  • Climate protection: We reduce our greenhouse gas emissions annually by 4%.
  • Process improvement: We reduce chemical oxygen demand in wastewater annually by 4%
  • Resource efficiency: We reduce organic waste annually by 4%.



We thrive for an open and honest culture within our company. We would like to have an open dialogue with our employees, customers and partners. In order to do that we are affiliated to an independent platform ‘Speak-Up’, a platform in which you can anonymously leave feed-back about the company.

  • The Speak-Up platform for Scelta Umami is reachable by webpage or phone
  • Please be aware that you won’t talk to a real-life person on the phone, but you leave a message on a tape recorder that will be translated (where needed)
  • Phone number to dial in is: +31 (0)800 022 29 31
  • Website to use is: https://sceltamushrooms.speakup.report/nl-NL/SceltaMushrooms/home
  • Access code for both ways of communication is 07191
  • We take all concerns seriously and will take the appropriate action on each report. We will keep you informed on our progress whilst processing your concern.
  • At anytime you can go back into the website, and track the progress of your case using your case number.


Note: This system is not intended for concerns about the performance of products and services.