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The Scelta Umami Solutions product line plays with taste enhancement in culinary applications combined with a functional performance. Based on the umami synergy, it balances, masks and enhances certain taste profiles.


Umami CuliFlow™ is the first product in our Umami solutions line. This product combines the benefits of our Scelta Taste Accelerator (STA) with great free flowing characteristics and a well balanced savoury, natural aroma. Due to is lighter color it blends in very well with many light coloured and creamy applications. These benefits make Umami CuliFlow™ a great taste building block which is easy to dose.

Perfect for all your culinary applications with a complex taste profile.


Scelta Umami CuliFlow™ is perfect for reaching excellent nutrition scores (low on salt, sugar and fat), and still deliver a full, savoury and lingering taste. The product has excellent free flowing properties, which makes it easy to handle and easy to dose.



  • Perfect for light and creamy applications
  • Full and balanced lingering taste
  • Reduce salt up to 50%
  • Savoury touch
  • Perfect balance between umami and natural aroma


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